Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oh the Places You'll Go!

As if masters classes, marathon training and creating a memorable year with my 2nd graders won't keep me busy enough over the next several months - I've decided to start a teaching blog! Family members, friends and colleagues have encouraged me to share some of my favorite teaching strategies, lesson plans, writing projects, classroom management tips and not to mention some of the cute things that come out of my students' mouths. Last year a student raised his hand to inform me of the following, "Your jokes are corny." Yes, corny. 

What better place to share ideas with other teachers than a blog? I think it's an exciting endeavor to celebrate my 5th (!) year of teaching on the West Coast. It is my hope that "All the Dots" will serve as a resource for new teachers, veteran teachers, home school teachers, daycare providers, parents, etc. After all, we are all in the business of educating the future!

For the next several days, I'll take you through the process of setting up my classroom. Once school begins on August 20th, I'll be blogging with specific topics in mind. Check back often for children's book reviews, technology tips, writer's workshop advice, thrifty classroom decorating ideas, etc. I'll be introducing Monday Musings, Technology Tuesday, Wordy Wednesday, Thrifty Thursday and Flip Out Friday. Bear with me - my 2nd graders and I love alliteration and you should too! 

You might be wondering about the title of my blog. Why the dots? Anyone who has stepped foot in my classroom, flipped through one of my several scrapbooks or has been on the receiving end of a handwritten note from me can probably answer that question! For the rest of you, maybe the picture above will allow you to peek into my world as a teacher and my obsession with ALL THE DOTS. You see, I can't just write words using normal letters. No, I always find myself adding the dots. My letters usually aren't complete until I've added those solid circles. 

With the excitement of the Lorax movie the past few months, there has been no shortage of Dr. Seuss themed classroom decorations. You can pick up these adorable Thing 1 & Thing 2 nameplates at the Target Dollar Spot. 

To quote Dr. Suess, "How did it get so late so soon?" I've got a Seussville classroom to prepare in the morning! 

ABCs & 123s, 



Melinda said...

YAY!! I can't wait to follow along! :)

ReneighRuns said...

I'm exciting to read your writing!

Heather said...

Thanks Melinda and Renee! I'm excited to start blogging! :)

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