Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hiking, Dairy Queen & Stickers!

I'm linking up with Mrs. Reed over at Flying into First Grade for her "Let's Get Acquainted" Linky Party. The rules? Tell us three things about yourself using your initials. 

H- Hiking! 

These pictures were taken on one of my favorite trails in Lake Tahoe last summer. Beautiful! 

D- Dairy Queen!

I worked at Dairy Queen all through high school and a few summers during college. I loved my time at the DQ and I am proud to say I can still rock the famous curl atop my ice cream cone. I have great memories from my years at the Dairy Queen. I actually don't know the last time I've had ice cream from Dairy Queen, which is probably a good thing...

The owners always put up birthdays and exciting life events on the sign by the highway.This was taken nearly 5 years ago before I moved to San Francisco. 


Come on - what teacher doesn't love stickers? Check out these adorable stickers a student gave me. Seriously, have you ever seen a binder clip look so cute? 

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The Cozy Classroom said...

Hi Heather!! I am popping over from the getting acquainted link party, and am so glad to have found your cute blog!!

I am also happy to be your newest follower :) Stop on by my blog if you get a chance, I love to make new bloggy friends!!

The Cozy Classroom

Sherry Andrighetto said...

Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog. I live so close to you. I teach and live in Portola Valley near Stanford University. I LOVE Tahoe. So nice to have a blogging friend close by.
Kindergarten Milestones

Mrs. Griffith said...

What a gorgeous lake! Your stickers are super cute...loving the cupcake one!

For the Love of First Grade

Christy said...

I just found your cute blog through the link up....The owners are too sweet for putting names of their employees up. That's very thoughtful!!
Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers

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