Monday, February 25, 2013

Hall Pass Link Up

I'm linking up with Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits for a fun Hall Pass link up! I've already used a few tips from other teachers in my classroom the past week. 

P is for Product - I only have one freebie up on Teachers Pay Teachers right now, but I'm working on updating some units to upload. I'll share one of my favorite purchases so far - A Cupcake for the Teacher's Presidents' Day Craftivities. I purchased the templates last year and was planning on using them again this year. (Check out the crafts - they are super cute. I have my students complete a research project to accompany the crafts.) I was pleasantly surprised when I received a notification that the packet was updated. The new graphic organizers have been put to good use in our George Washington and Abraham Lincoln research centers. You can see them in action below. My students are loving research time. The clipart is adorable and the girls in my class all squealed "awwwwww!" as soon as I showed them where we would be recording facts about the two presidents. 

A is for Area - Two of my favorite areas in my classroom are the main library and the reading center. I have the students divided by reading groups and we use a clothespin system to keep track of who gets to read in the reading center each day. A few years ago my class voted to name the bear Sushi. They love sitting in the beach chair with him, curled up with a good book. 

S is for Signal - We do a lot of transitions to the Jeopardy "Think" song. My students know when the music is over they need to be ready for the next activity. I catch them humming the tune all the time and I think it's hysterical! I also use the simple "1,2,3 Eyes on Me," - "1,2 Eyes on You!" And, you can't forget the bell! When they hear the bell, they know to stop what they are doing and listen. Sometimes I accidentally hit it when I'm putting something on my desk and they all turn to look at me. They are trained and know what to do for every signal I use in my classroom. 

My friend over at Woods & Company designed the adorable picture above that greets my students when they turn in their homework every morning. It matches my Dr. Suess classroom theme perfectly! 

S is for Sanity - I run to keep my sanity. No matter how many papers need to be graded or lesson plans need to be written, you can almost always find me taking a run every day. The picture below was taken on my Saturday run this past weekend. 

Tell me more about your classroom! 



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