Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Technology Tip Tuesday

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Technology Tip Tuesday. It's Teacher Week!

I love using Skype in my classroom! The possibilities for using this in the classroom are endless. Listed below are ways I use Skype in my classroom every year: 

  • My grandmother speaks with my class about what life was like when she was in 2nd grade. This is perfect at the beginning of the school year, because our first social studies unit is learning about life long ago. We study schools, families, traditions and transportation of the past. My grandmother went to school in a one room school house and my students LOVE listening to her talk about her childhood. 
  • As part of religion class, we Skype with missionaries. The students are very curious to learn about life in a foreign country. They always have great questions to ask! 
  • As part of National Lutheran Schools Week we Skype with a different Lutheran school class every day. The students love connecting with other classes across the country. We tell each other about special activities and our crazy dress days. 
  • We learn about other states! We play "20 Questions" with other classes to figure out where they are located in the United States. I encourage my students to use geography terms we have studied to help them figure out where the other class is located. Some example questions: What state is located to the north of your state? What state is located to the west of your state? We also learn about our state flower, tree, bird and flag so I encourage my students to ask about those identifying factors as well. They love to learn about other states! It's a fun geography lesson. 
  • We take virtual field trips! Last year, we traveled to Indiana to watch a snowstorm. Some of my students have never seen snow! 
  • When we publish a special writing project in writer's workshop we share our finished products with other classes. One of the most important parts of the writing process is sharing. 
The activities listed above are just a few of the ways I use Skype in my classroom. Do you use Skype in your classroom? How do you use Skype to supplement your lessons? 

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